Student housing Wageningen

Your study time is the best time of your life. Being able to live in Wageningen is essential for this purpose.

4 reasons why living in student housing in Wageningen is going to be fun!

  • No more travelling back and forth between your home and your study. In a DUWO studio at Campus Plaza you live on the campus. Out of the bed, brush your teeth and within 5 minutes you’re at the faculty. Or ... press snooze on your alarm clock again, and get out of bed at the last minute.
  • Wageningen is a nice city, a city with history, but also with countless pubs and terraces. And a renowned liberation festival on May 5th.
  • Living on your own also means: coming home whenever you want and choosing what you eat in the evening.
  • Making friends: when living in a student room in Wageningen you can make new friends. Or meet people at a student or study association.

So, move to student housing in Wageningen! Are you a student and are you looking for a room for a longer time?

Look on the DUWO website under offers: Looking for a room for a short period of 7 days to 6 months? Student housing Wageningen: find and book your studio now.